Halloween Wrap-Up

Better late than never, right?! Today I’m sharing my favorite shots from last week’s Halloween festivities!

First up are the fantastic food creations we snacked on at our neighbor’s annual Halloween bash. Seriously, some of these things were very hard to eat if you thought too much about their festive names.

The big winner of the food contest was….the meat head and cheese platter (below)!

meat head and cheese platter

And here are some more amazing additions to the buffet…

cheese queso in a pumpkincheese queso in a carved pumpkin

guac in a spider bread bowlguacamole in a spider bread bowl

cockroach dipcockroach hummus dip and pita chips

witches hatswitches hats

jello wormsjello worms

pumpkin puffspumpkin puffs

graveyard dirt cakegraveyard dirt cake

vampire fangs and blood dipmonster fangs and congealed blood

krispy screamskrispy screams

alien oreo eyeballsalien oreo eyeballs

zombie fingers and blood dipzombie fingers and blood dip

Ben’s office also hosted a fall festival for employees and families, including (cubicle) trick-or-treating, cookie decorating and fun games…

cubicle trick or treat  gemma and daddy trick or treat

minions cookie decorating  cowboy and gemma cookie decorating

And, since we had a few minutes to kill before the party, Gemma and I had a mini Halloween photo shoot on the American Tobacco Campus…love this place!

gemma witch jumping  gemma bull bike rack crawl

gemma witch stairs  gemma witch peeking powerhouse

And finally…Halloween night! Several families on our street all pooled together for pizza and a face painter for the big night. It was such a fun night!

face paint group   face paint gemma   face paint jack face paint addison   face paint maya   face paint kate face paint matthew   face paint molly   face paint kiran face paint hunter   face paint tyler

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