2013 Best Gift Ideas for Girls

Wow! I asked, you answered, and I’m so grateful. A few weeks ago I asked a group of parent-friends to share some of their favorite gift ideas for girls so I could steal them and pass them off as my own share them with you! I was blown away with the responses!

I hope this post will help parents, grandparents and all gift-givers as you brave the crowds this holiday season in search of those special items for the young girls in your world.

Here are some general thoughts on gift-giving shared by my parent all-stars…

I like gifts for girls to be something they can engage with – such as crafts, Legos and dolls for pretend play.

I prefer all the stuff leading up to Christmas – getting and decorating the tree, making cookies, reading Christmas stories, ice skating, looking at lights, making things for other people, singing Carols. I would prefer only a few special gifts be given on Christmas.

Anything that involves glitter and art is a hit – sparkly pens, glitter glue, shiny/metallic beading crafts always provide hours of open-ended creativity!

[I’m] trying to get gifts to foster activity, imagination, and play yet aren’t branded or suggestive with image. There will be plenty of things telling our little one what she “should” be before we know it.

Every year before Christmas and birthdays, the girls and I go through their toys and see which items other kids might enjoy more than themselves, and we donate them to different charities. It helps teach the children a good lesson on life and also helps to keep my house clutter-free.

And while you’re out-and-about this season, don’t forget to SHOP LOCAL! This coming Saturday (November 30) is Small Business Saturday. You can support the health and wellness of your community this holiday season by spending your hard-earned cash at small retail, dining and service businesses in your local town. Visit the link to find a list of stores in your area. I’m excited to spend a few dollars this Saturday in my parent’s mom-and-pop drug store back home in Danville, IL!!!

52% of local sales image

This is also a great time of year to select a charity and help your kids celebrate the joy of giving to those who need our support. Last week, Gemma and I gathered a cart of groceries to contribute to her preschool food drive, and this will be the second year we’ll let Gemma purchase several items from her Christmas wish list to give to other kids through the Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots campaign in NC. Take as many opportunities to instill a passion for community service in your kids…the world will thank you for it later!

Now on to the survey results! A majority of parents (47%) said they prefer giving a combination of both material and “experience” gifts (i.e. tickets to sporting events/concerts). I’m so with you on this one! It’s nice to know so many folks strive to create more meaningful memories with their kids. Keep it up! Your kids will undoubtedly recall fondly the year you took them to a pro sporting event or enrolled them in art class.

This was Gemma and I last December (2012) before we headed out to our first annual mother-daughter outing to the Carolina Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker:

Gemma + Jill Nutcracker Day 2012

And now…without further ado…the list of gift suggestions for girls…

All Ages

  • Tickets to an event (ballet, baseball games, live theater, carriage ride and tea)
  • “A Day with Dad” and “A Day with Mom” voucher (lunch + fro-yo + movie = happiness!!)
  • Clothes (pajamas, robe, slippers)
  • Summer camp registration
  • Travel gear/luggage
  • Athletic apparel (leotard, swim suit/goggles)
  • Personal entertainment device (iPad mini, Kindle HD, 2DS XL, MP3 player)
  • Kitchen gadgets (ice pop maker, popcorn maker, measuring cups/spoons)
  • Things with wheels (bicycle, balance bicycle, tri-cycle, skateboard, skates, scooter)
  • Sports equipment (helmet/pads, balls, basketball hoop, zip line, swing set, pogo stick, golf clubs)
  • Furniture (bed, desk, playroom/toy storage, “hope chest” to store memory-heirlooms/artwork)

Ages 0-3

  • Books (Olivier Dunrea’s Gossie series, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, anything Dr. Seuss)
  • Puzzles (rock-a-stack, wooden peg puzzles)
  • Pretend play sets (doctor kit, baby care center, kitchen)
  • Melissa and Doug toys (Magnetic dress-up set, puzzles, play food, really anything M&D rocks!)
  • Music table
  • Easel, art supplies
  • Bounce house
  • Power Wheels
  • Dolls and accessories
  • Soft, cuddly bath towels

Ages 4-6

  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Rainbow Loom
  • Magnatiles
  • Dress-up clothes
  • Puzzles
  • Motorized car
  • Rollerskates
  • Legos/blocks (Friends sets, Duplo, Disney and Barbie series’ were offered as popular choices)
  • “My Very Own Library Card” for your child (and make a cute book of vouchers to redeem for weekly visits to select books at local library)
  • Books (Pinkalicious, anything Dr. Seuss)
  • FurReal Friends Pet (there are kitties, puppies, monkeys and horses)
  • Leap Frog reader/early reader/explorer
  • Dolls/character figurines and accessories (Hello Kitty, Doc McStuffins, Disney princess, American Girl, Barbie)

Ages 7-9

  • Dolls/character figurines and accessories (American Girl, My Little Pony and Disney were popular suggestions)
  • Arts and crafts supplies
  • Hello Kitty beauty kit
  • Musical instruments (keyboard, karaoke machine)
  • Tickets to the ballet
  • Legos (Friends sets)
  • Dance classes
  • Sewing machine and gift certificate to local fabric store

Ages 9+

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry (monogrammed necklace, heirloom ring/necklace)
  • Tickets to show/concert (Broadway series, music, dance)
  • Gift cards to favorite retail store or movie theater
  • Bedroom re-do (let your daughter select new paint color for her bedroom and then paint it together!)
  • Paint-n-pour art class registration for daughter + a friend/sibling/parent (lots of cities are offering these one-night art classes where everyone paints the same image; class is led by a local artist/teacher)

Special thanks to all the parents who responded to the survey. You offered up some great ideas…especially those unique, memory-making “experience” gifts for girls!!!

Update: My mom thinks it’s unfair I put up ancient pics of my bro without putting ancient pics of myself…so here you go…





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