Meal Planning: White Chicken Chili

It’s officially fall! The kids are settled into school, football is in high gear, and if you can believe it, college basketball is just around the corner! (Go Heels! Go Salukis!) I’m craving cold-weather foods and cozy clothes.

A few weeks ago, in an effort to be more (1) organized, (2) frugal and (3) healthy, I started meal planning.. And thanks to Pinterest, meal planning is super easy! What did meal planners do before Pinterest?! Seriously, it’s so easy to wander through random strangers’ food boards and ruthlessly steal their delicious pins (insert evil laugh here).

If you’ve never had white chicken chili, you’re truly missing out. One of my favorite recipes is the white chicken chili I pilfered lovingly borrowed from Meg Robins over at DesignWineDine.


I actually remember the very first white chicken chili I ever consumed (strange memory, I know). It was one of our first Thanksgivings after moving to Beaufort, SC. We weren’t going to be seeing our families, so my new friend (and office-mate) Joni thoughtfully invited Ben and I to share the holiday dinner with she and her parents. It was such a nice gesture (true Southern hospitality), and we were treated to their white chicken chili, and was it ever yummy! Now, over 10 years later I have rediscovered this dish and have added it to our rotating meal plan. I’ll likely make this year round but it’s especially good in fall/winter.

About a week ago I hosted a girls night and made this dish. Needless to say, the six of us (including my four-year-old) ate the entire batch! And, since I didn’t have any leftovers…I’m making it again for the family to enjoy. The house smells INCREDIBLE and dinner time can’t come soon enough!


Special notes

  • This is not my recipe but I’ve adopted it with open arms.
  • It’s a crock pot recipe so you can throw it together before work/school and (voilà!) dinner is prepped by 9 a.m….added bonus: your house will smell incredible all day.
  • This chili is addicting. You’ll want to double triple the recipe and eat it for days and days. It makes great leftovers AND if you made enough, it can be frozen for an extra meal down the road.
  • In addition to toppings such as sour cream, cheese, cilantro, and onion, I will add avocado and kale chips. You could even throw on those Old Bay and Chili pumpkin seeds I shared here.
  • You can substitute cream of chicken with cream of mushroom soup and/or veggie stock for chicken stock to add more depth/variety to the flavor of this chili.