Get Organized: Kitchen

We all have them. Pots, pans and lids awkwardly stacked and disheveled in our kitchen cabinets. Wouldn’t cooking (and cleaning up) be so much easier if our storage looked like this?


Or this?


Unfortunately, for most of us, these solutions require a custom remodel (at a custom price). Luckily there are a few clever tools to help you organize your kitchen and maximize your storage space without breaking the bank.

Earlier this year I wandered the aisles of The Container Store to find ways to keep our pans, lids and Kitchenaid mixer accessible and organized. I’ve lived with these solutions for several months, and I’m happy to report they have our seal of approval!



Pans. Place a 4-slot divider (or file organizer) in your cabinet and slide pans in and out of each slot. The Container Store sells this organizer for just under $5.


Lids. Install a wall and lid door rack on the backside of a cabinet door. This solution offers new storage where none existed before. And the screws are long enough to secure without pushing through the face of the door. The Container Store sells this one for just under $7.


Kitchenaid Mixer. Sadly, I didn’t use my Kitchenaid mixer as much as I could. It’s clunky and since I wasn’t willing to give up precious counter space, I stored it “out of sight, out of mind” in another room outside the kitchen. During my outing at The Container Store, I fell in love with the elfa roll out cabinet drawers. Though pricey (for a DIY solution) I have found the smooth glide of the 17″ drawer to be worth my investment ($54). The drawers are so easy to install (even in a tight space). With the addition of some small 3M Command hooks (and a few IKEA kitchen s-hooks), I was able to maximize my cabinet space and hang my various mixer attachments on the inside wall. And, yes, I use the mixer more since it’s easier to maneuver and in a handy location.


Special note:

  • You can find 3M Command hooks and tape at most office supply and drug stores. If you haven’t used these yet, they are super easy to install on a wall for simple storage. And the tape is formulated to lift off the wall without leaving damage or peeling the paint.
  • We use Command hooks throughout the house for pot holders, cutting boards, Gemma’s  lunchbox and backpack (giving her access to hang and retrieve these items at her level) and jewelry organization.
  • I also bought a more narrow efla roll out cabinet drawer for under my bathroom sink to store my various curling/straightening irons and compact hair dryer.